animation quartet #1

Screenings: Hangar, Barcelona. Curator: Marcel Pié Barba // Openscreen Animacrea. Animac 2016. Lleida // Festival NRMAL, Ciudad de México. 2016 // Dérapage 16, Cinémathèque québécoise. Montréal, Mai 2016.

II Marató Underpool

Commercial for the jazz music festival organized by Underpool, a jazz label based in Barcelona.

Victory over Fascism

Video commemorating the Republican victory over fascist uprising in July 1936. Co-directed with Laura Ginès.

Arts i Oficis

Opening credits for the TV program Arts i Oficis (Televisió de Catalunya, 2015). Co-directed with Laura Ginès.

Vida d’Asterió

This is my graduation film, a new take on the myth of the minotaur.


Visuals for the Companyia Pep Bou‘s show Bombollavà (excerpt).


These films are the result of the one-week workshops that A Home In Progress Film designed and taught at the CCCB’s summer camp.